Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where We Go as A Family

Whenever Fatiha and I were not part of the family (The Disown Mode), we kept on going to many places to "menghiburkan hati" cause we have no places to go for normal Hari Raya like other people (salam raya, family gatthering, ziarah kubur, open house, no home to go back pun!). Recalling back all those wonderful trips with my daughter, I believe why travelling has been part of us. No doubt.

Aidifitri 2009

As planned earlier, both of us spent a quiet Syawal morning when takbir raya from nearby mosque can be heard faintly. That is our normal routine; despite other people is busy celebrating the festive mood with their loved ones.

My little one woke a bit earlier and we decided to have fun instead spending our time in front of TV. Sent some message to Zul for some freebies, he promised two tickets to theme park. I never think that Genting would be packed with so many people for first raya, but oh my, I was wrong. The crowd and the atmosphere reminded me that Malaysia has not enough cool spot for tourism, which people flock this place like ants. Somehow the commercialization of this place is crying for more organized development and infrastructure, where lack of decent toilet for people to conduct their nature’s call can be proved with smell of urine filling the air ( 5-6 people lining up for each cubicle)

The only thing that I enjoyed the most was the ride of Skyway. Big lush green trees at your feet, cool atmosphere and conversation with foreigners who shared the same coach made the journey a bit special. I will be visiting this place again when there are less people around.

Penang Trip – Discovering the old root

As promised, we took off to Penang on the third Raya, where the journey was too long for my little one. She kept on asking, why her father’s hometown is far away from ours. I said that is why we seldom or shall I say, never make any effort to visit each other. She clearly understood. Only when Moon, my best pal took us for a ferry’s ride, Fatiha seemed so thrill to spend her time looking at the dark turquoise colour water, the ship and breeze (“Bestnya, naik kapal”). That was her first time on a ferry.

We checked in to this hotel, in the heart of Georgetown where famous Hotel Malaya soup and Chowrasta were easily accessible from our place. Made a call to my long-time friend, adik Farah who eagerly waited for us for a lunch at her house. It was such a heart-warming experience to see a young couple doing so well in their life. They got themselves married, a kid and already furnishing their small but tastefully done flat. Sort of like an accomplishment for people who I thought once never have a future together. But again, it takes two people to make a relationship to work, despite the hardship or what so ever, all I can say, “tabik la Kak Jay kat adik Farah.”

Not to miss the famous Kerang Bakar, Moon, Fatiha and I spent our night at Padang Kota. It was such a big surprise that the place has lost its charm to the new way of people conducting their business. More organized and cleaner place to eat but the people there was quite rude. Luckily the second time of having my burnt kerang and sotong bakar did make ourselves to love the place again. Even little Fatiha seemed so peaceful with the place, I love seeing her sitting on the rock wall, looking at the wide mild crashing sea with her faint smile on her face and the breeze gently touched her wavy hair. She was delighted.

Apart spending our time meeting old friends (we visited Muda at Gurney Hotel), we had abundant time shopping (Prangin Mall, Gurney, Island Plaza and of course, not to be missed Chowrasta for the jeruk and kain ela.)

Again, for the thousand times, my heart grew attached more to this island. I am longing back to stay and work here. For the first time in 4 years, I found some peace in my mind. The trees, the old building, the breeze and most importantly, the sea side are the elements that make me to crave for more. I have been living there for almost 7 years, but time flies and everything went so fast. It was like flipping back the old chapter of your life, only this time I am doing this with my loved ones.

The last place to go was of course my beloved alma mater which famously known for the scenes of Ali Setan, The Movie. Too bad that Keow Teow Teng and Auntie’s Epal Assam Stall at Desasiswa Bakti were not operating that day. We went back with smiles and satisfaction. It was well worth for a long waited journey.

More Penang Pictures (Kek Lok Si, Feringgi and Chow Rasta)

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