Saturday, September 17, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore & Mr.J's Wedding

Mr. J decided to tie the knot in July 2011, so without hesitation I booked the flight tickets to Singapore for the trip and the next day to his wedding in Johor Bharu.. takkan semata-mata wedding dia i nak turun jer kan?

Since I was curious about Changi (many people said you should have seen it, at least once in the life time), some check in Air Asia website was indeed a fruitful attempt. The tickets was RM14 one way excluding the fuel surcharge and the airport tax.Total cost overall has reached to RM120 (including meals + drinks) which was quite a deal for two people.

For Universal Studios, we bought the tickets via the websiteAdd Image.

Knowing the Singapore Dollar Exchange Rate wouldn't be so friendly to us, some cheapest accommodation is highly appreciated, so I made a reservation at We managed to get SGD60 per night for a room of two in Geylang area, namely Fragrance Hotel, which earlier being recommended by a friend. Not bad huh ?

On the actual day, we took the flight with Air Asia and unfortunately, as usual, it was delayed to almost one hour due to some security breach. I prayed that the hotel people wouldn't cancel my room reservation or else, we might end up sleepless till the next morning.

The free Internet and Wifi service

It was a pleasant surprise to see Changi, compared to KLIA, being livelier with countless duty free shops, facilities and the good thing about this airport (except for the unfriendly immigration officers being smileless) was the customer service reps willing to help you to fill in the Incoming Passengers Cards.

Wow, one of the places here was named similar to Mr.J's. Guess which one, huh?

After everything has been cleared, we took MRT to Payar Lebar (SGD2.80) and some cab ride (due to the fact Payar Lebar station was way too far from the hotel) that cost around SGD4.00. Fortunately the friendly staff in Fragrance Hotel managed to verify the room booking and we were so happy!

Little did I know that I was not alone that night outside the hotel after we checked in. Happened that there were two friendly ladies from New Zealand , Kylie and Rita. A new friendship was formed immediately!

On the way to World Resort......

The next morning we took a cab, driven by this friendly Malay chap, cost us SGD8.00, all the way from Geylang to Sentosa World Resort. Opening hours are from 10.00 a.m to 9.30 pm.

Finally we are here!

While waiting ......

As usual, the crowd for the day itself was so massive since it was weekend. So you can guess how long it was to wait right?

The attractions:

Her favourite spot, Madagascar!

One of the street performances

Battlestar Gallactica Roller Coaster Ride, Awesome!

The Waterworld Show

Many pictures with the characters.....Most favourite shot!

It was till the night time....Feels like in Hollywood already......

The Firework Finale.......

The Street...n the Frankenstein....

It is the Closing Time, huhu, i wanna go here again sooner!

For those who cant wait, please save more money for Express Lane Tickets since it is worth your precious time.Please buy water refill if you can...the hot weather can be nasty to you and your wallet too. I spend SGD50 for buying water, just water!

To make this trip memorable, we bought some t-shirts for ourselves (from SGD26.00 to SGD32.00, please do not convert the currency, some mugs, pens, note books for daughter) and it was nice having many souvenir shops around to cater for the crowd.... Overall it was a nice and pleasant outing. No complaint! The taxi ride from World Resort to Hotel was SGD14.00...??

Looking forward to visit more attraction in the future..or else it would be Legoland in Johor orFerrari World, Abu Dhabi. :)

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