Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tawau-Kunak-Semporna (Part II)

This is after the first post.

The second day in Tawau was far more interesting. We went to Semporna for some sightseeing, another 90 km drive from the hotel room, and surprisingly, I found Semporna is a charming place!

Pasar Tamu Semporna

I never been in Pasar Tamu before even in KK, so the chance to stop and look at what they sell in Semporna served my curiousity with a total satisfaction... Little did we know that this market was newly established in the business area. Wonder how it was before, but we understand why the market was in a such small scale in the first place… Rupanya Pasar Tamu ni macam pasar pagi kat rumah aku di Dengkil! ahahahhahaha.

Pasar Semporna

Nevertheless, we continue to venture to the market of Semporna for dried sea food.... What an adventure going through all the market section. From clothing, house items to wet market, it is like being in Marakesh, Asian version? I recommend you to come and venture. More to Rantau Panjang place but a little bit dust and litter….

Only when it comes to wet section, I feel like a million-worth tourist sesat, all the small children flocked us for some menial job on carrying our shopping bag! Heavenly! Some of the “potters” offered to carry them to our car…sedih juga, kerana buruh kanak-kanak ni gigih mencari uang di kala kanak-kanak lain masih di alam mereka…if I brought Dotter, dia mesti insaf punya!

Bukit Tengkorak
So after market, after the seafood lunch in one of the famous restaurant (a little bit pricier), we went sightseeing around the village and Taman Arkeologi Bukit Tengkorak. Drop Azah in the airport and went to the Hotel for some sleep. Drop the car to the owner for another takeoff…

My flight delayed again huhu!

So, what you are going to do in Tawau if island hopping is not your cup of tea?

Rent a car and start venturing out from Tawau town. I recommend you to visit the Ladang Koko and if you have ample time, please spend more time in Bukit Tengkorak and Kampung Air, just to get the sea people vibe! Superb!

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