Friday, November 11, 2011

First Snorkelling Moment : Redang Island (2006)

First Day, 14th July 2006
The great afternoon arrival
What can I say more? Sand, sea and breeze make a good place to fantasize. The trip came in the middle of chaos, which could make a great temporary escape and it was true.

Me and Alin, on the bus to jetty transfer.

We boarded on the 7.30 flight from KLIA to Kuala Terengganu. jetty transfer took around 45 minutes. As soon as we landed, light turquoise colour water and sandy beach was the most rewarding sight!

As the sea level goes down deeper, coral and numerous species of fish swimming in groups was a breathtaking view. It was like being a tiny human being in your normal aquarium, only my size bigger was than the rest of the entire living species.


Unfortunately, we were supposed to have this excursion to thebeach for the Blue Sand sightseeing when the rain poured heavily. The tiny coral segments emitting striking blue light thingy during night time was something not to be missed but the weather did not allow us. My friends and I ended up playing card in hostel room.Second Day (15th July 2006)

Taman Laut Pulau Redang

Encounter with more coral species and colourful fish. The fee park was RM5 per person. Standard rate.


I went for banana boat riding with my colleagues. Z even persuaded me to go back feeding the fish somewhere near our resort, which I could not resist, so we spent the rest of evening in the sea again. I drank too much sea water.



Since it was post-World Cup, we found ourselves dancing samba . Befriending with the local was a bonus point. Had great time knowing these people and exploring every aspect of their job which I had 15 minutes being the captain of the boat.

Third Day (16th July 2006)

It was the day for us to go home after some island hopping .

The last hours spent at Kuala Terengganu for shopping spree time where we stopped at Losong and Pasar Payang before departed back to KL. Redang is truly a gem!

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