Wednesday, July 25, 2012

See Sydney Card

After making some consideration, we have decided to venture the city by See Sydney Card.  

I guess it will be easier to swipe the card every where we go (almost 40 top attractions they over including the OZ Jet Boat trip). Some more, it does come with unlimited transportation pass for the whole 7 days. No need to worry on coins and notes. The only way to worry now is to get the card from Circular Quay, which of course straight from the airport!

In reality, this venture card programme also being offered to some other countries including Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong apart from OZ cities... yeah pretty neat, isn't it? 

So how much does it cost? For 7 days unlimited including transportation, the price is about AUD339.00 for adult and AUD220.00 for a kid, so total cost for me is around RM1874.00 (1 adult and one kid). I think it is pretty cool scheme having all places covered and of course, it wont be so Amazing Race, the least i can expect for this tour ahahhahahah. Yeah, it does come with tours to Blue Mountains and Jenolan Cave. We will be doing some country road trip before getting ourselves urbanized with the city vibes!

So Hari Raya this year wont be so meriah, I guess.

Kuih raya tetap order... baju raya tetap beli.... it was just this instinct to go away somewhere to avoid all  typical Malay fare on Aidilfitri celebration? Ahahahaha

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dari Kathmandu ke Pokhara

Akhirnya. :) AA sekali lagi menyediakan ruang untuk orang seperti aku mengembara dengan cara jimat tak hengat. Tima kacih pacik Tony!

Setelah dibebel oleh bapakku, akhirnya dia memberikan restu. Mana taknya, aku pakai kad dia nak swipe, haruslah dia tahu ke mana aku pegi :P

Bebel punya bebel, aku tahu dia takut kalau aku tersangkut dengan Nepal kat sana. Yerla, kalau si Bahadur, rakan sekerja lama kat pizza outlet aku keje part time  adalah macam Raja Azri laki si Ellie Suriati look a like (sejibik tu), apatah lagi yang masih ada kat sana? muahahahahahaha

Trip kali ini ditemani seorang rakan USM. Semoga kami selamat sampai dan selamat balik. Harap dapat tengok Everest dari jarak dekat---> berangan!

Ihsan Lonely Planet....
Boleh kah kami melayan Annapurna Poon Hill Circuit? Tengoklah macam mana.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

All well that ended well - Kulim, Alor Setar

A few of days ago, I was in northern area, covering some events which are of course, work related. Oh my, many interesting encounter when you met people, see places. I have been to Kulim once, so finding a new spot won't be a problem when travelling 100 percent dependent on your reliance - skills, gut n zest help that very much. The highlight of this journey is seeing my new born nephew and sharing a colleague's experience doing China (Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong) which value add my knowledge instantly, LOL. Of course,some pics for remembrance. This is my first truly longing to go back home as i travelled without dotter. 

I JUST REALISED TRAVELLING ALONE IS NO FUN when sharing bits of funny incident means i have to tell it later to her. Anyhow, do enjoy your weekend, people. I am going to do some kayaking in Malacca Strait later ( compulsory motivational course in Banting) and some dinner with ex No.1 boss somewhere glitzy and posh down town. Have fun!

Mode of travelling - AirAsia ex KL - Penang : one way from RM68, car rental (sue& issac - Penang International Airport pick up : (wira 1.5 auto from RM90/day)

Place to stay : Tune Hotel Kulim (one night twin room from 80++ (with comfort package) : recommended for great location - banks, mcd drive thru and GIAnT supermarket within walking distance)

Alor Setar - Starcity HOTEL (RM170++/night)- walking distance to Alor Setar Tower but quite a run down place with friendly staff, better option within price range - Sentosa Regency, Holiday Villa (walking distance to famous Pekan Rabu).

Alor Setar Tower adult tix is RM10. visit time from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

The cupcakes...yummy!
tak sempat nak bawak balik.....

My loyal companion.....
The press conference.. .kecoh kejap!

the staff.. with backhoe machine :0