Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Short Overland Trip (Golok-Narathiwat-Pattani-Danok) (Part One)

Have you been wandering what's really happening behind everything even the history itself will not be able to validate? So here I was, searching for an answer to a prolong question. I was being too curious.

Thanks to a cuz's wedding, her reception was being held somewhere near the border which enabled me to travel extensively with my kiddo - concrete reason to stick to our duo pact. We leave with our heart and mind intact – if anything happen to us, let it be to both of us (chewah, macam hampeh jer bunyi).

So here we were, pretending it just an escape from daily blunder and boring grind, we sort of need some real adventure, even it is near to own very homeland.

Pattani-Narathiwat. My curiosity of its people, the way of life, even tales and history may not be the only source to learn, so an excursion to the place itself might do some justice. Let’s recap.

2009- I was into this Thai movie “Queen of Langkasuka” the given name of earlier title of “Queen of Pattani”- on how Thai people tell the subsequent Hikayat Merong itself, lot better depicting the way Pattani Malay being during the time (grand costume, detailed prop, etc). Coolness.

2010 – Some beggar came into my house, asking to buy his keropok items. Upon checking his passport as he claimed he was from Pattani, his sad story touched my heart with anger and frustration, at the same time, this awry sad feeling of helplessness. Later on, I got some history books written of how it started, awesome!

Mac 2012 – Cuz’s wedding. I got another trip for Perhentian Dive in May. Perfect timing.

So here is my finding. It has been a wonderful trip with many new things learn along the way. Stay tuned!

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