Saturday, July 30, 2011

Perth Part III

From previous post, it was visit to Pinnacle Dessert, Cervantes. After the dusk, we needed to have one night stay in Toodyay, Western Australia due to booking made. Unfortunately, Ms. A did all the driving since I was contactless and visibility was a major issue. It was total darkness, no street light at all. Oh my, the night driving was even worse. Fast flying insects were coming to us, attracted to the car's light, crashing themselves and judging by Ms.A way of driving up to 140km/h, the sound of the poor animals body splattered on the windscreen was quite horror. The car outer body was in a total mess.Add Image

We got lost on our way again. I was tired and slept some minutes. The only thing I could do besides listening to Ms.A cursing on the damned GPS's misleading instruction was to feel sorry for her, for being hopeless. There was no Tomyam stalls at all in this foreign land for us to stop by asking the direction. It was a long drive, almost 240 km of journey.I think we were cursed.

The only highlight of the night was this full moon, big and round, coming near from the hilly part of the freeway, somewhere around Gingham. Big and beautiful, never in my life I could see this phenomenon cause Aussie lies in the southern hemisphere so I thought all the position made the moon to be like that....

So we arrived safely at the homestay after some instruction by the friendly police man. The night was chilly enough, almost 10 degrees and I could listen to the owner's dogs barking outside before I lulled to sleep. Slept couples of hours and woke up exactly at 6 am. The sun ray coming from the window was bright enough to wake me, as usual like I had in Kota Kinabalu Sabah...

Our chalet... very nice!

The breakfast provided...some i bought at the baker shop, kebuluq tak hengat!

This pantry reminded me those days kat army quarters... i menyorok dalam ni takut kat mak yang tengah hot!

The house is so spacious, it can fit like 10 people including the beds, good value for AUD90/night

Amber, the dog who followed me, pagi pagi dah menunggu aku keluar!

Amber and the pony, Max...I love them very much.....

Saying goodbye to Angela, the owner.. she has been in Malaysia 9 years ago....

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