Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In Fast Lane

Bagi laluan kepada post ni~ penulis tengah cari idea best nak habiskan post Perth Trip dier.....

Life has been great.

Knowing i can practically live in the other part of this world and I wish I can do it again, hmmm... it was a marvel.

Finally, we have planned another trip to the other hemisphere which are Korea and Japan for next year. A two week trip with my TKC friend, Khadizan and perhaps some interested parties. I need to see some cherry blossom flowers and feel the soil again. Most probably in Spring 2012.

Sometimes it is good to be at the other side of the horizon.To breath and live in presence. The way we look at certain things has changed dramatically for me. I am empowered again.

I should be grateful for what I have.

Coming trip

A short mini thing with Fatiha to Singapore for Universal Studio and Night Safari (A man from Adelaide recommended this during my Perth Zoo trip ). I need to reward Fatiha for her achievement in her studies and extra co-curriculum activities. She has worked hard as Pengerusi Tunas Puteri and represented her school in English Story Telling Competition for District Level this year, I think she deserve all this!

Tiket dibeli awal untuk mengelak rasa hampa kalau kehabisan :P

Looking forward to 9th July.

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