Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Langkawi Visit Part I

Mr.Cheong, our CTO, still in R&D mood...

So, after waiting for almost a year, this is the getaway that most people talked about - company trip. We left Subang at 10.00 pm , heading towards Kuala Perlis, before boarding for a ferry ride to the legendary Langkawi Island. I never have the chance to visit the place, so this is the opportunity that shouldn't be missed for people like me (free stay, free food and free holiday, yippee).

Boys will always be boys!!!!

We arrived in wet attire, it was drizzling raining day but we still had to visit a few places like Dataran Helang, minyak gamat factory and Makam Mahsuri. I wished that we can just check into our hotel rooms for a fresh shower and I could just recharge my dying battery or else no picture!

So that was quite nice of knowing we mass produced gamat oil for oilment and other. Huhu, if you a "real" man, then no need any potion for making you good in bed, nyeh nyeh....

Dataran Lang in Raining Moonsoon.

What i can say, Dr.M perhaps spent millions to make this place as a tourist spot. I wonder this Dataran Helang really had this island myth. They said sometimes it turns into a real bird at nite Whoa... creepy.

And i thought that's it. The tourist guide mentioned that we were going to have lunch in Restoran Kampung Siam, then to Underwater World and the most awaiting time for ladies, duty free shopping!.

This aint a colouring contest!

There were more challets, hotels, beach resorts, as we headed to our beach resort and it makes Langkawi to be a a fast growing tourist attraction. Talk about commercialisation, this is the best place to study tourism, not eco type one of course! You can see people still flock this place despite the high number of people polluting this island, sad to say, these idiots still dont know how to throw rubbish properly!

View from my room! Did it look so romantic?

We finally checked in around 4 something, with our bag and shopping bag, of course. It was a big relief to find out how spacious our room was. I was sharing with Usun, and we have this balcony which I would be able to smoke my cuban cigars! So cheap maa..cannot resist buying that thing...

Anyway after that sumptious buffet dinner and karaoke activity (we saw more Andy Lau, Arron Kwok or Sandy Lam than Awie or Ziana) , I dozed off to sleep for next day activity which would be Island Hopping! Till the next episode!

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