Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Langkawi Visit Part II

Boat Ride (Island Hopping)

Aye captain, to no man 's have gone before

I think that was the best trip ever for exploring our Malaysian jungle. We had this boat ride (project & TPM) and ours was the liviest one, i guess. The boys would moved front and back, happily as if they never had a boat ride before and luckily it didnt capsize.

The first place was the Gua Klawar. Bats were hanging at the cave wall and the smell of guano filled the dampened air.

The tourist guide brought us to this mangrove place. Boy, I was amazed how it look so cool but it did serve many purposes. Monkeys were playing at the top of trees, as if they knew we are going to take load of photos, but unfortunately i already deleted mine.

Out from the cave to Mangrove Trees...

So we continue our journey to a fishing farm where they were many unique species of fish. One of them was this sharp shooting kind where you stick banana pieces on this wooden pole, and the fish could just spit directly to these tiny pieces , where they would fall down into the water. Cool huh!

There were barracudas, friendly sting rays that fed from people's hand by opening itheir big mouth and lot of fish that fought with each other for food. Hmm..... I began to see stingray as a potential pet since it looked quite cute! With mixed feeling of hopelessness and pity (still deciding to eat stingray or not to eat since ikan pari bakar is my favourite) , we left for another sight seeing place.

Duhh.. wish that I had longer optical lense..

Amazing site, and amazing birds. That what Langkawi is named for, eagles (Helang) as they were many of them and busily flying across the river looking for food. It was such a beautiful sight and never in my life I could see more than one (it was about 10-20 of them), so I did feel so excited. That was quite funny and ironic at the same time, of not being able to find any souvenir that resembles this bird (apart from those cheap looking t-shirt or kain batik) . After a short stop at this remote island (not sure of the name since langkawi got hundred of tiny island), we went back to hotel for a lunch,with a feeling that this was the best trip ever and I shall return again someday .

Hurry up... we are going to miss our ride, boys...

For the past two days (minus the bus journey) I think this is the best thing that happened during our stay in Langkawi. No doubt that there were many other activities such as jet skiing, banana boat riding, but in every places that you go, there must be some special or unique things that couldnt be found in any other places.

Another unforgettable moment was finding myself , chilling out at the beach with my favourite drink, alone like I always did back in Penang. Though stars never seemed to appear that night, the soft background music filled the breezy air and soft candle light in coconut shells along the pathway did make the place to look so peaceful. I wished that someone would be beside me ......heheheheheh. Yeah, it is kinda nostalgic thing and I definitely will come back for more...

The author and the ferry... time to go home

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