Saturday, December 10, 2011

Incheon Route : Amendment To Korea 2012 Intinerary

First of all, a lot and humble thanks to the Almighty for giving me some insight (through many web research) on how to get the cheapest tickets to Jeju via Eastar Jet within 4 months in a row. Knowing I have been getting some problem to book tickets to NZ with recent AA 10th year Anniversary, I browse the low cost Korean Airlines company 's website again and I was shock to see they already offered April 2012 seats.

Without hesitation, I made some calls to any friends to book the tickets on behalf of me (my credit card went to maximum limit recently :P). Yes, we got it at last - for 3 adults and one kids, total cost of return from Gimpo Airport-Jeju Island is 344,000 won, equivalent to RM897.00. Total cost per head is RM234.00 , quite a bargain for us here.

So with the purchase made on Gimpo-Jeju tickets, some amendment on the tour date is made. We shifted it early to the beginning of the tour, cutting the time to chase the airport check-in to Jeju. It means that we have half day to spend either in Incheon or Gimpo before that 4 pm flight. so here is my suggestion which i need to seek approval from the team members.

1st Day (23/4/2012) Monday

9:40 pm- Arrival at Incheon International Airport
10.30 pm- Custom procedures and baggage clearance. Get free shuttle bus to Hotel Sky Incheon Airport.
10.50 pm - Check-in, refreshment, rest/sleep.

2nd Day (24/4/2012) Tuesday

Source: From Google

8.00 am - Take the bus from Incheon Airport to Songdo International City via Incheon Bridge Incheon Bridge Tour. See one of the top five longest bridges inthe world. (approximately 54 minutes of time travel on the bridge)
Source: From Google

9.00 am - Spend one hour or two in Songdo International City, the new development on some reclamation land and to experience the future city view. Though it is supposed to be fully completed in 2015, there are some of the places has been occupied like Ramada Songdo, and the Park. If we have more ample time, we can squeeze to visit Independence Memorial Hall or shoot straight to Bupyeong (approximately 50 minutes).

2.00 pm- Arriving Bupyeong Station,Incheon. Visit the underground market area and enjoy the bustling of the Art and Cultural centre. Have lunch somewhere there. Refresh and get ready for Gimpo Airport for 2 pm train.

2.40 pm - Arriving Gimpo Airport. Check in and wait for the flight to board to Jeju. :)

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