Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lost World of Tambun

As usual, when it comes to school holiday, my daughter and I are happy to set our path to somewhere out of the state. Being a groupon-atic, offer to Maybank2u customers in was not to be missed by us last month. For only RM30.60 instead the usual RM45.00, we would have full access to Lost World of Tambun and I think that is the cheapest among them all . I decided to give a try on our ETS (Electronic Train Service) to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur. Initial plan was to get the earliest train at 8.00 a.m (nonstop journey) but we woke up a little bit late that day. By taking ERL from Putrajaya (almost took 15 minutes), and our ETS Train to Ipoh (2 and half hour), estimated time to reach the park should be before 4 pm.

The only thing that lacks in Ipoh Railway Station was the taxi drivers who charge people quite exorbitantly and there is no meter policy. Since no buses service like RAPID transit or any kind of them, we had no choice but to use the taxi service to reach Tambun within our time frame(the cab charge wasRM20) . Hopefully we could utilise the park to our satisfaction with less time left.

@ the entrance....

Water Park Area

What was the first impression? The park is divided into many themes. The Water park is just so and so (still prefer Sunway Resort) and the ride park was lacking in term of number of attractions (of course Universal Studios and Genting are lot better!). The true gem of this Lost World is the Petting Zoo which reminds me a lot to Perth Zoo (birds and some other animal roam freely in one big caged area). The zoo keepers are friendly with many informative facts to keep us entertained. Somehow, the landscape around this Petting Zoo s marvelous, as it brings us to some other world with lime stone hill surrounding the zoo area.

The Tiger Cage

Reaching exactly at 6 p.m, there are not many choices for us to roam around. The only park that opens after the hour is Hot Spring Resort and of course I regretted not to come a little bit earlier. We missed the Water Park and Team Building Park (canoe, kayak, abseiling, flying fox etc etc), the cave Exploration and the Tin Mine area. Most importantly that what makes me still regret – the souvenir shop which closed exactly at 6 p.m and to compare to Universal Studios, some of us, the parents would love spending time checking items at the end hours. I do think that Management may actually consider the idea to extend its operating hour.

Overall, it was a pleasant trip. The only thing I regret was lack of time to explore the park and of course I can't comment much here as always...

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