Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Island Getaway In Terengganu (Lang Tengah) - May 2009

Lang Tengah is a sister island to the famous Redang and it takes about 1 hour to travel from Merang Jetty, the mainland. I was invited by a friend who purchased a three day-2 night stay package in Matta 2009, approximately about RM369 per pax.

We took a returned flight package with Fireflyz (RM250 per pax) to and forth from Kuala Terengganu Airport in 1st May 2009. The year when all my major travelling to be in mid of every year...

This is the first snorkelling trip for my daughter, Nurul Fatiha which left me worries whether she could make it to the deepest water. She was all excited to go for this one. The pictures tell that :)

I have seen dead coral...

Everywhere on the sea bed and the enthusiasm sunk immediately.

Spending 4 days in a island where it was supposed to be best-kept secret and I think it has been exaggerated.

Perhaps it was 10 years ago, or 20, I think.

However, a good news from this diver was a big relief.

"today's murky water due to this coral sponing"

"Yeah, I have seen it only in National Geographic"

And the hope grew again for some reason. And for the same reason, I swam 100 meter from the shore, 7 feet deep, alone with my mask and snorkel equipment.

Just to see some new coral lying if it is there, growing.

As the temperature of the water was getting colder, I had no guts to go further.

A big round coral with yellowish color was just beneath me.

And another brownish sponge-y looking type was somewhere near.

It was like finding a life form on a barren Mars.

And thanks to Kerajaan Barisan National who built the big concrete jetty to the island, the future resort or the existing ones.

The destruction was a mass one.

I wonder, why a big jetty for 3 small chalet?

Another white elephant in the future?

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