Friday, June 29, 2012

wanderlost in Ipoh

I have a colleague wedding reception in Kuala Kangsar, Perak today. Last night was a bit tiring. Driving in the highway when it is end of the month (salary time) makes most city dwellers long to go back to their hometowns. Argh, stressful.

I am still not an expert on quaint little Ipoh City. The hotel that I have checked into is a small, well known chain of budget hotels. To be exact Tune Hotel Ipoh is just similar to other outlets, only it is quite new established and not many crowd at this mo, which parking in the basement was truly pleasant time.

I dont care if peeps mock me on the choice to stay any where, as long it is below RM100 per night for some cheap getaways, I get those loyalty card points and end of the day, it s all about a place to put my head to sleep. So guys, have a pleasant weekend. I am heading to Taiping after the kenduri and shall be back in peace!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

budget to sydney

having another 1 month plus to go, this is so last minute. some findings, yeah why not sharing kan? here is the details:

1. flight tix  : KL ~ sydney ( AA promo) : RM 199

2. flight tix  : sydney ~ s.pore (Scoot promo) : RM 281

3. flight tix s.pore ~ KL : RM111  : TOTAL  x 2 pax -RM1,182

4. 7 days unlimited sydney Pass with transport - RM 1.8K

5. Malaysia Hall Stay + breakfast for 3 nights (3 nights tidur rumah kawan) - RM211

TOTAL : RM3111 / 2 : RM1,555.++ per pax.

food + souvenirs not yet calculated . seb bek souvenir aussie for staff dah beli masa g perth.

visa = RM60, airport transfer ++++

round up figure, senang citer : RM2,000 perpax.

initial budget is RM3,000 per person. yela pertukaran  matawang sgt kejam kan?

so far i think this is the best i can come out with. hopefully i wont burst the budget, ehehehe.