Sunday, August 5, 2012

Update Ramadhan 2012

As usual, Ramadhan is a month to reflex myself through the act of fasting and soul purification, which I think  help to define the next course of my life.

As I am writing this, I was offered for a transfer to a new department,  but the chances of the new place may hinder  me to travel extensively.  It's all policy making stuff, pure deskjob and of course it will be a boring kind which does not suit me as well, but who knows, every cloud has its silver lining. It may look boring at first but the chances to further studies or attending international conferences or lectures will help to broaden the network. It sounds quite good enough to me.

At this time,  I have three major trips in row  for this year. Imagine if I were in the new place, I might have to cancel my Mabul, Nepal and Hong Kong plans as it may needed to do urgent stuff. Pity to my fellow travelmates, they have bought the tickets without me, the Travel Planner. Prior to that, I have to resend my application for overseas trip again to the highest management people.  As a government servant, it is compulsory to declare or else we would receive disciplinary actions which I do not want that to happen.  In the end of the discussion, it was agreed  that I need some time end until of this year to settle those pending task (and to myself, to complete all the coming trip :).

Yeah,  I will be leaving this place happy with all work done, with memorable holiday trips (would score 4 countries this year, that is quite an achievement to me ) and a brand new year to kickstart my career path.

Postcard from St. Petersburg. Thanks to Mala.....

 Just take the opportunity, Jazmin. Do not be afraid to dream and make plans, though it may not turn out well as what you have expected. Perhaps the new place offer some perspective of furthering studies somewhere you may not know and you have concrete valid reasons to do so!


  1. very nice postcard! hahaha :)
    min, mau pindah mana? and oh, seriously we have to meet. i have something very important to discuss hahahahaha

  2. tatau lagi, either in the same ministry or others... yup, shall see you after raya perhaps, insyallah :)

  3. good luck kak :-)

    destinasi nepal itu sgt tempting bagi saya!

  4. Mas,

    yer sangat! harga tiket pegi balik not bad for MAS Inaugural... and surprisingly Nepal is a heaven for backpackers, cheap acccomodation and stuff... jum!