Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Trip in the Future

Looking for any possibilities to make this trip into reality. 

I have spoken to a friend in the office who went to Tehran, Esfahan and Baghdad couples of months ago during Muharram. Yeah, AA still have its route to Tehran, so why not?

What makes it so interesting that the place is safe despite the news coming out from media. He recommended me to go, for some spiritual journey.

Anyhow, let's pray i can come out with some budget for this. At the mo, my Asean+3 mission will be put on hold. Some countries can be done for weekend getaways. :)

Yeah, I think I am going!


  1. Iran memang dalam bucket list saya..

    sebenarnye banyak UNESCO site kat Iran nie. Ohhhhh jommm!

  2. wah, u pun minat nak pegi? Jum! tak ramai nak layan tempat ni tapi member kata, satu pengalaman yang best layan sambutan asyura kat sana waktu Muharram.