Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hiking in Jeju Island (Part Two)

Alhamdulillah, the postcards from Jeju arrived safely on Ms. Mala desk, same goes to Maz's... sungguh teruja melihat hasil tulisan yang jauh beribu batu, telah sampai akhirnya! Semangat nak update blog :)

Here is the first post.

After coming down from the mountain, I decided to rent a cab for bringing us to another Halla-san entrance which is Erimok Trail. Luckily a kind taxi driver offered 30,000 won for the service, plus sending us back to Jeju City. It did save our time and gave some rest to our tired feet in super comfy Sonata. Yippe! 

On our way to Eorimok, Subhanallah, the scenery was really beautiful. Tak terkata.... 

We could see people riding horses on the ranch, sakura in full bloom, trees everywhere, even to some point, Jeju City from a distance look so breathtaking!

Compared to Seongpanak Trail, Eorimok does not situated next to the main road which the distance to get there is 2 km away (better hire a car or a cab or any tour available!) . 

Though we could not spend time hiking again using this trail, the pictures from this entrance is a lot better than Seongpanak, nampak sikit la gunung tu kan......

Pic courtesy from Eira

We did not want to keep the cab driver waiting, so less time spent to capture pictures and made our way to go back to Jeju. We were practically starving!

Enjoying the road scenery... I havent been to Europe, wonder if it is beautiful like this!

Our way back to Jeju City....

To our surprise, we encounted this Mysterious Road before reaching Eorimok.  I could not really understand  the explanation  given  by the cab driver due to the language barrier until we came back to the same spot again.

Mysterious Road is actually an unexplained phenomenon. The cab driver put his gear in neutral mode and suddenly to cab moved forward to a climbing slope. Whoa! Sungguh misteri nusantara kan? It is believed that a great magnetic force do all the pulling. Yang best tu, to make it so clear, some tourist even poured some water on the road...and guess what happen? Instead the water would flow to the lower ground (as what you learn about the gravity), it goes the other way round, huhu.... To us, it was kind a new discovery even prior to the trip, we never know such road would exist in Jeju!

That 30,000 won cab ride was really worth it! 

Finally we came back to the hostel in one piece. Though it was quite tiring, hiking in Halla-san was a pleasant and new to us... perhaps someday someone need to conquer Fuji-san? ehehehhehehheh

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