Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Like it Or Not... They are our Travel Buddies

Have you been into situation when you feel a little bit anxious and tiresome?

Yup, that is how i feel now. even to certain point, I feel like quitting.

In recent occasion, I do stressed to people who I reckon to have passion to plough out the dirt for some excitement to be cautious or at least being concern for other travelmates, but it seems this towing job was a massive, lagging thing I ever had.

I refer to the coming trip. Out of five, two seems two give it away after so much months spent planning. Thank you.

I think for those who think they-wanna-look-cool- but-hardly-to-have-time- to-do- some- digging, please have some heart to our friends too.

Talking about ticket booking. How many times we need to keep posting friendly reminder for payments. Money does not drop from the sky. The theme is Budget Traveling. If you can afford a tour package, please do so. You pay people to sort out the minor details or future problems, but friends are the ones who do all the favour without returns.All they need is your cooperation. Furthermore, any alerts given to be cautious on ticket sale always ahead in two or one week from the date of the sale. Please be at least responsive upon receiving updates, the least you can do is to notify what's going on and be there for others. Some people juggle work, family and part time work or studies but they still can manage their time wisely. Unless you are being admitted into ICU and have amnesia, yes it is acceptable.

Talking about responsibilities and scope of function

If you are good in emergency response or CPR, you definitely earns the badge of Medic Team. If you think honing some talents in tracking or map reading, you can shine it for the department. If you think planning is your forte, ok, please go on. There is no fixed law sayings you have to stick into one speciality, and please be more responsible when an assignment is given for many weeks, nothing come from the other side. It shows the lack of attention even the attitude of the person for her or his other life being. Again, please be responsible. You never know the consequences coming for example the hike of ticket price or entrance fees, the new regulations, do and don'ts etc etc. Would you like to be accountable for the losses or unexpected incidents? I don't think so.

The rule of travel buddies is easy. Be alert, be cooperative, think of others and stay healthy (physically, mentally and financially).

Afterall, it is how life should be in the first place. No man is an island. No place will be left to conquer. It is us who determine the journey of our life time.


  1. memang agak tak best kalo dalam satu group tue, ada yang buat sambil lewa dan lebih kepada attitude "passenger"..hmm sabo jea la..

  2. yup mas. kena kena pula kalau sebelum pergi pun dah buat hal. apatah lagi kalau di sana. Kita harap yang terbaik dan berfikiran positif memanjang.

  3. hi jay,
    thanks for visiting my blog :)

    i pun wonder jgk apa sbnrnya yg org2 camni pikir, mcm buat kita jadi tour agent dia pun ada. i mean, if u go together as a team, then work together as a team. unless klu leader tu suka buat sumenye sendiri sbb ada jenis org yg tak suka org kacau kerja dia. well at least kita try ease dia punye burden dan bantu skit2. i jumpa byk dah org yg pesen gini tapi just once la, pastu tak travel dah dgn dia. klu byk sgt syarat dan cekadak pun susah jgk, sbb nti dia akan bagi masalah pd kengkawan yg lain

    anyway, if this is the first time for u, then just avoid that person next time. make it the first & the last. u guys suit as fren but not as travelmate. kdg2 pas 2-3 trip org yg kita rasa bleh jadi travelmate akan buat hal, it happens.

  4. Dear Fatt,

    Thank u for visiting. saya memang suka menjengah ke blog fatt untuk mencari ilham melancong. banyak sumber informasi utk future trips :)

    Yup, ada kawan yang kita sangka akan menjadi travel buddies yang cocok dan memahami. Mungkin sebab lebih kenal dan sekiranya ada kecemasan, taula serba sedikit macam mana kan?

    Itulah, macam u cakap, kenkadang kawan tak semestinya menjadi travel buddies yang sesuai. Lepas ni kena belajar menerima kenyataan yang bila kita ke mana-mana nanti, perlu menahan telinga member-member perli "kenapa tak ajak" "eiii ko senyap-senyap pegi jenjalanm tak hingat kawan bla bla bla" . Kadang-kadang itulah perangai manusia. Mudah ambil ringan dalam pelbagai perkara dan tak sangat nak fikir aspek penting untuk menjayakan misi. Bak kata saudari Mas, akan ada manusia yang suka menjadi "passenger". Tetapi sampai bila nak keep the attitude kan?

    Mungkin selepas ini saya akan buat lebih solo trip. Tak payah fikir sangat nak accomodate people's expectation. Yang penting kita sendiri happy dan puas hati :)

  5. travelmate ni mcm psgn hidup jgk, we treat them as our partner. mcm kita tgk amazing race, tu sume mmg exactly mgambarkan real-life situation bila ada travelmate. mana yg ok tu boleh cooperate, mana yg tak tu mmg bercekau bermasam muka..silap2 bleh gaduh.

    tapi bila kita jln ikut tour, kita takkan face such situation so itu antara pglmn masam manis bila travel cara DIY dan pglmn2 inilah yg bagi kita experience yg tak ternilai.

    not to say org yg travel solo ni tak reti nak teamwork, tapi pd sy ada manisnya travel sendiri. susah nak cerita tapi mmg tak dinafikan travel dgn kwn2 tu best, tak rasa sunyi, etc2...tapi bila travel solo ni kita akan belajar jadi independent, berani, build self-confidence, etc2 & the experience is priceless.

    tapi kalau pegi ke tempat2 mcm pulau tu sy prefer dgn kwn2 sbb mcm blur & sunyi kalau it depends, ada certain places ok utk solo expedition, certain plak ok klu in larger group. tp normally bila group besar ni akan ada byk kepala....hahaha. tul tak?

    i hope ur holidays is going to be fun & hopefully takde sape yg akan ruin the mood. take care :)