Monday, January 2, 2012

All Well for 2012`

Nothing much expected for coming travel plans.
I have stopped thinking to make further trips due to hectic work schedule and other commitment such house, kid's studies and more local community work.
Let's see where I have been last year.

April 2011 - Perth, Australia.
Reason : I need to forget my sadness. Losing someone beloved was too much to bear and I remembered one friend of ours , went all way to Perth back in 2000. When he couldn't marry the love of his life, his splurge all the wedding money into the trip, causing around RM10,000 for a two weeks trip all self drive. The only thing I could remember was some boomerang keychains for me and ex hub; we picked him in Penang Airport to send him back to Seberang Perai. The irony of his trip was his comment, " hangpa tau, aku kat sana tak hingat langsung pasai frust aku, tapi bila turun airport ni, aihhhh, semua menda sedih pasal dia mai balik,,,,,," (I couldn't remember the sadness for two weeks there, but reaching this airport, it came back all too me!) Yup, he was too right. Upon landing on the LCCT tarmac, all the fun in Down Under vanished into humidity and Kuala Lumpur infamous heatness. Back to square one!

The good moment : I enjoy walking many blocks in Perth CDB, without sweating in a cool autumn night. I think I can work out comfortably in zero humidity and cool climate without fatigue feelings, as if you are working in the gym minus the guy's stares. Ahhhahha, excuse not to work out here in my own backyard.

Not so Good Moment : We got lost in dessert, being questioned by the immigration officer for many questions including what I do for a living, but the funny part when some student-like Malaysian behind us asking us to carry one carton of rokok for each of us (they brought in too many), haish, rasa macam pengedar dadah pun ada (drug smuggler). Ahhaaa. Masa tu rasa semua Malaysian stick to Malaysian punya spirit di luar negara.

July 2011 - Universal Studios, Singapore
Reason : Why Singapore? Particularly this neighbouring country is hours of drive of journey and short distance to roam around. Bringing a kid to any trip require you to add more fun factor to make it memorable. Let it be water park, zoo or amusement park, every kids will only remember their time on carousel or merry go round. Kalau layan selera orang dewasa, takut bosan pulak. Anyhow this trip made in conjunction with officemate's wedding in JB, so someday we might be going again to layan Night Safari pula (on full Temasek course) :)

Mei 2011 - Tawau/Kunak, Sabah
Post outstation getaway. I remember when I couldnt make arrangement to change my flight due to salah pilih tarikh booking, yeah, funny kan, I drove all the way from Penang to LCCT alone at midnight. Keje giler. Boleh jer drop kete kat Rawang and took cab, but I was too sleepy. Overall being away far from the Peninsular Malaysia is good when you want to see things out of the perspective. I plan to come again for island getaway this year in September. Hopefully things will be ok.

Whatever it is, every journey share many wonderful and bad moments of unpreparedness, fatigue and last minute changes. With that, I conclude my future trip would be more relaxing, planned and not too many trips made due to constraints, of course. One particular visit last month to a dying friend in Kota Bharu changed my way of view about traveling. You can plan all the way to go somewhere, but if God does not allow you, every careful planning perhaps go down to waste (talking bout the cancelled Vietnam trip) a better back up perhaps help to justify the frustration. Same goes to any trip you make regardless the objective of going there, the surprises and the smoothness of the journey itself leave a lasting memory. Surprisingly, the short distance trip changed how should i live my life too. The prolonged sadness (as told ) suddenly disappear. It does not take you far to forget the troubles. It is the lesson behind the trip is far more important. With that, i should have good thought of my future ones - somewhere nearer to Holy places?

Other tips? Never fly on the same day of the last working day: you boss might ask you to stay back doing extra work and the flight might be cancelled. Never book flight time during end office hour - 4.30 to 6.30 p.m (traffic congestion all the way to airport). Arrive early if you want to have the time. Take one whole leave day. As for my case, I will keep my mouth shut next time coz who knows someone might have the itch to make my trip not happening.

Till then, Happy New Year!

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