Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fireflies @ Kampung Kuantan, Kuala Selangor

I dedicate this post to Mr. Apollo from Philipines. During the Q&A section, he came forward asking the director, on how Kuantan Municipal Council wanted to develop the swamp area in Tanjung Lumpur as a tourist spot? It was a shock to me when he mentioned Fireflies Attraction in Kampung Kuantan, Kuala Selangor for comparison. Bila masa plak dia ni mai backyard rumah aku ni? It was amazing that Mr.Apollo used to come to Malaysia, and he totally in love with this spot.

The sampan guy apart being beefy, macho and friendly, sang them all in Tagalog. Ahhahahahah. Patutla Apollo dok teringat.....who says my house backyard is just a backyard? Sometimes the hidden treasure is there to explore...

It is just my backyard, why not? 15 minutes of journey and I have no toll to pay.

One of the attractions in Kuala Selangor is fireflies spot in Kampung Kuantan, couples of kilometre from the town itself. It is known, if not mistaken, only two spots in this world have such species and proud to say one of them is just in my area. Very rare huh?

Kampung Kuantan besides having this glittering wonder, ironically situated near to Subang Terminal Three Airport, the hub for another national low air fare carrier, Fireflyz.. hehehhehehhehe. So you can see some bigger "flies" too, especially at night.

To ride a boat, or we called it "sampan", you need to have a maximum of 4 person for the price of RM40. I would recommend you to come a little bit earlier, around 6 pm, due to many tourist busses arrive within the same time. Or else, a long waiting line for tickets and some mosquito bites during dusk is not desirable, isn't it?

Apart from the jetty and the souvenir shop, there is a mosque for prayer, food stalls and a playground for kids nearby.

Flash for camera is prohibited and I am not sure whether those type with super sensitive to low light can do wonders capturing this magical moment? Never try before. but if you are too frustrated with the image, I suggest you to visit I-City in Shah Alam ahahhahahahahhaah.

Kampung Kuantan, at dusk.

All images were taken using Olympus ยต-550WP Tough Series.

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