Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello Sydneysiders (part III)

Coming back from Blue Mountains, we spent a night at Sherry's place in Maroubra. Thanks to Sherry again for such great hospitality and the delicious beef curry for dinner. Feels at home while being thousands kilometres away from my own home, that makes our journey this time so memorable. yeah the delicious beef shank will be remembered forever, too bad i did not put it on Instagram.

The next morning we checked into Malaysia Hall Sydney for some hostel like experience and the proximity of the place to CBD is good enough to do bus hopping.Since dotter never see kanggaroo in real life form,Feathersdale Wildlife Centre should be great plus the petting thingy allows us to roam free.

We took train from Central Station to Blue Mountains Line Intercity, stopped at Blacktown and  took a cab to the zoo since it was pretty late to hop on the bus. the bus station from Blacktown was a little bit confusing, if you bother to read the sign and wait, just go on. Otherwise, cab will be more helpful.

Many tour buses frequent the place as it is one of the attractions in Blue Mountains Day Trip

The entrance....

Some interesting facts about this park;

Established on 7 acres of land originally purchased by Charles and Marjorie Wigg in 1953, Featherdale has evolved from a poultry farm into one of the best privately own wildlife parks in Australia.

The Wigg’s son-in-law, Bruce Kubbere studied Australian fauna from early childhood and with his vision and encouragement, Featherdale opened to the public as a wildlife park in 1972.

In the early years Bruce, and his wife Margaret, operated a plant nursery on conjunction with the Wildlife Park. Beautiful Australian native trees and plants now line the walkways and landscape the enclosures as a legacy of the park’s history.

Featherdale’s future was threatened in 1975 with plans to use the property for a housing commission development. The then Premier, Sir Robert Askin was presented with thousands of signed petitions, most of which were signed behalf of local residents who stressed “the importance of Featherdale Wildlife Park” to district school children. Fortunately the government rescinded its original decision and the park was saved.

In December 1996, Featherdale was purchased by Amalgamated Holdings Limited and is now an integral part of Amalgamated Pty Ltd. In 1998 Featherdale carried out a number of upgrades including new entrance, amenities with disabled facilities and displays that closely depict the animals natural habitats to heighten the sense of arrival to one of Greater Western Side’s major tourist attractions.

(taken from the official website)

The napping Koala.
Lovely, aren't they?
Ghost bats..never see this in my life.

I recommend for those who want to do Featherdale, do it early morning since they have animal shows from morning to evening plus the journey via train takes almost an hour. Of course the highlight for this attraction for me is the feeding time of the koalas. They are pretty active when it comes to jumping from a branch to another, a stark contrast when most koalas seen in the zoo would nap most of the time.

Kangaroo and Visitor....

Can't figure the creature's  name, but to me, it is like a short stump of pencil with pair of legs moving here and there, cute!

The Little Penguin, the bluish fur is so interesting, as if it is dipped into Nila Baju, dont u think?

So after wildlife park, we proceed to CBD for Sydney Tower in the evening (central to suburban line of Saint James station). That was when the trouble started.
The peak time, people rushing to their home after a long day at work

The view from Sydney Tower....

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Sydney Tower

What has happened in the tower leave an ugly experience to me. My wallet has been stolen while i was having fun observing the city night life using the telescope. Compared to Namsan,  towering in Seoul give better experience than the latter,  in term of excitement, facilities, ambience, gift shops and the attitude of its people. what i mean is, out of many not so crowded places, sydney tower is the most unlikely venue for people to pick pocket or be the victims. I was truly pissed off when the trip teacher who took a bunch of students visiting did not want to conduct a physical search into their student bags or something as any of them was the primary suspect. That moment strike accord in mind that the system may allow young people to makes bigger mistakes later in their life by putting pride first before tackling the issue ( the students were paired to their buddies, and began to ask each other, "ko ada amik tak?" kinda lame) while any asians would just adapt to real life practicalities. If you are the culprit, we know it, just suck it up and be a better person. 

We left the tower dissatisfied, while those Aussies perhaps have their first experience seeing a VERY angry asian mother lecturing her kid on responsibilities and the importance of being part of it.

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