Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hello Sydneysiders (Part V)

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Coffee at Central Station

I just want to share how we did our trip from Sydney CDB to Katoomba and to the rest of the places.  

We greatly utilized our My Multi 2 cards which came together with the I-Venture package and did covers three mode of transportation - buses, ferries and trains. It is quite a steal deal, isn't it?

We took our first ferry trip to Manly from Circular Quay at night due constraint of time to do it at day time. I will not recommend if you are coming in winter to do this. The wind made us to spend short time outside and as to compare the experience in Katoomba, the cold sea breeze is more bitterly frustrating, 

So by the end of the trip, everyone were looking forward to snuggle under the warm blankets :)

The journey to Mainly via ferry took almost 45 minutes from Circular Quay which I think great way to spend time watching sight, people and the seagulls. 

As we made our way to the jetty, there were some birds flying along the ferry, quite interesting.

Approaching Manly Wharf

We reached Manly and took dinner at Nando's in the wharf (AUD5.95 for a quarter roast chicken minus the side dishes). Earlier on the trip we did come to this place during our day tour with AAT Kings, so it was easy to roam in  the town at night without feeling lost.

One of the pubs in Manly....
The backpacker place is popular with surf newbies to board in
We went lepaking at Manly Beach, whoa, it was not even an hour  stay since the cold wind was not being nice to us!

What makes me to love Manly is the fact a place for  newbie to learn surfing (there is a school here), the easy access from CBD to Manly Wharf and of course the architectural aspect of the buildings.  At daylight, it was quite busy with visitors and at night time, Manly is  a place to hang out with friends for some drinks.

I just love the triangle stuff of this building.....

One of the most beautiful council buildings ever. reminds me to White House.
The only setback if you come to Manly at night is the fact that people who go drinking at those pubs may not be at their best behavior when they get themselves drunk and start insulting others. We were taking some photos when a bunch of young Australian men started to make fun of a Asian guy in a nearby Hungry Jack outlet. Poor guy....

When they approached us and offered to take our photos which of course, I wouldn't keen to put ourselves into trouble, so I refused their offer and  made our way to the wharf.

There were reports of these Australian guys turn themselves into racist when they get high, sorry i have to say this, but it is a fact that it happened in front of my eyes. My friend, Sherry always reminded this if I wanted to go out at night. Stay away from the drinking joint, pubs or anything to do with it.

love the wharf's  interior...classic.

As we reached Circular Quay, it was already 10.00 p.m. We made it to Malaysia Hall Sydney and the next day shall be the last day for us to complete our sightseeing.....

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