Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello Sydneysiders (Part IV)

You may check my previous post from here..

The best thing about Sydney, it never run out of attractions.. there will be some fantastic time,  just to sit on a bench in Circular Quay, watching people, street performances or just the sea gulls.... I have this  liking to  be in the area where it is a place bustling with movement - people going in and out from ferries (yup, it is the ferry terminal),  tourist looking for tour packages (yeah, some booth opened to cater this), and of course the scenery is simply breathtaking - the iconic Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. 

Frankly, I prefer to be in Circular Quay than Darling Harbour.... why? I love hanging out more in Ferry Terminal (just what i always did in Penang Island Jetty) but this time minus the bad sea water smells, the smog and the noises... the environment here is less polluted. If you can have chances to peek at the water in Circular Quay, surprisingly it is what you can find similarity with the one you find in Kota Kinabalu.

Let the pictures below do the rest of telling, one of the best photo trips, i would say!

The iconic Sydney Opera House

If you can to Circular Quay, do not miss this OZ Jetboat Experience...Awesome!

Till then, enjoy the weekend!

I will be writing some on the ferry trips later....

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