Thursday, March 8, 2012

Short Overland Trip (Golok-Narathiwat-Pattani-Danok) (Part Two)

After saying goodbye to the bride and host, we made our way from kenduri to Pasir Mas Bus Station. Thanks to my uncles and aunt who gave us a lift and not to waste time, we straight took a cab (RM20 perway) to Rantau Panjang.

As the driver kept on reminding me to be a little bit careful (due to recent bombing thing), I was praying that my passport would not give me problems (another 2 months to expire). Dotter will expire in 2016 (I do envy that!)

Malaysia 's Immigration Check Point

Thailand's Immigration Check Point

Yup, the immigration procedure was smooth for both sides. When I was asked to get my Arrival Card being filled in by an old man, seating somewhere in the office’s corner, my sarcasm took it lightly for things happened. In Bukit Hitam, we were told to put RM2 as “Overtime Fee” in our passport to hand over to Thai Immigration, but here, asking someone to help you filling in the card (it is free in Changi eheehheh), nampak sikit la terhormat kan?

Prior to that, we have made our river crossing. Yup, we made through. hati berdebar-debar sangat tapi agak girang.

Vehicles coming in and out from Malaysia. Yup we are leaving Homeland, semoga selamat semua.

Dotter feel giddier... she never do this, her first time. Sampai besar boleh ingat kot?

The history of the bridge. Other name known as Harmony Bridge.

The river. Some say the river is small like a big drain, but to us, it is still a river OK! See how closed our side to theirs. Not to suggest you illegally cross the river by boat though we have been asked, huh, takmo amik risiko!
The other side of the bridge.

Ok, we are approaching the other side of river.

The immigration complex. 100 meters away from the bridge.

The welcoming sign board. You will be seeing this and understand it at this point of time , not after journey, the rest, amek ko, x paham!

So we walked. We did not want to spend a single cent hiring any motorist to send us to the town since it is walking distance. Penat juga lah menapak ke pekan Golok.

This is Hospital

Hotel Genting? Jangan tertipu... ehhehehehhehe

As we walked to the town, we came across this park...Nice... the concept a park within a rail road is a refreshing idea. Dotter said it looks eerie and sad at the same time, but to me, it shows the people here do appreciate their surrounding and beautification effort... many street peddlers selling tidbits, keropok and drink along this park.

The Sg. Kolok Rail Station, at last.
You can take train all the way to Bangkok via Hat yai Station. Are we going to board any? Nope... Don't be surprised!

The map.Took a glimpse to check whether we are making the right way or not, huhu.

As we walked further, something good to happen. Yes!

We saw two KSR bikes on the front of this toy shop. terubat hati melihat... well the owner is the first Thai people I think I made contact with and he has the exact kind of bike like mine! Cool isnt it?

Checking the sticker on the bikes, "Golok Rider Club", i can say it was a good omen to come all this way, for a journey, unplanned. A safe one hopefully!

To be continued!

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