Friday, November 4, 2011

Sky Craper Inspired!~

Seeing some friend's album today, particular Hong Kong, i was inspired with tall buildings, sky crapers and structures...all the wonder of civil design and technology, the engineering feat by human to overcome the challenges. Somehow, I just got myself awe with all these stuff.

View from Floor 33, my office in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur overlooking the river and next neighbourhood.......

In one of the short haul flight last time, i was talking to this Taiwanese girl on her way for some sundry shop work in Broome, Australia. Knowing Taiwan is my future destination, I asked some questions.
"Have you actually been in Taipei 101 ?" ---> I was expecting some interesting bits...

"Dunno, i guess i walk past the building everyday, so I have no intention being into the place, even at once" .

The blank look of this girl explained all!

Perhaps not everyone has the opportunity to watch episodes of Mega Structures by Discovery Channel :)

Future Buildings/Structure Worth to Have a View :-
1. N-Tower, Seoul, South Korea

2. Building 63, Seoul, South Korea

3. Taipei 101, Taiwan

4. World Trade Centre, Hong Kong

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