Friday, November 18, 2011

Ride, Ride & More Ride

Long before I got hit by the travel bug, my leisure thing would be:

1. trip to any nearby beach for relaxing, snorkel or just lepak hanging out.

2. any bike ride to hilly areas... mostly to Fraser (dekat rumah lama di Rawang, to escape to the hot weather)

Dunno why I found these activities fulfilling. Perhaps it was due to many people having good time together and every trip will be different experience though you may come to the same place all over. It is kind of escapism to be in total presence and many lesson learnt during convoying- team work, patience, respect and of course, safety precaution, sticking to the order/command ship - so many when you go travel with a bunch of friends, isn't it?

I have stopped doing this due to some back problem when it comes to long rides. Knowing my bike capacity is not allowing me to go further crossing the border, travelling by other mode is preferable for remote destination.

If you decide to have the experience of bike convoying, if you are not really a biker, I recommend you to at least give it a try.

Let's hit the core.

  1. First, get a machine, buy it or just simply borrow from someone. Of course some valid bike license to go with it (if you are the rider)
  2. Early prep to do is to ensure the bike’s physical condition to be A-OK! - Tyres, brakes, engine oil, the meter and of course the fuel capacity. Longer rides need more petrol.
  3. Other thing else are the insurance/road tax cover, your safety gear- helmet, boots, gloves or jacket
  4. Of course, prior to this prep you have to get to know the people whom you ride with (ride clubs, bike groups) – First time meet up like teh tarik session will give you ideas how your group members will help you or cooperate with you later.You don’t want to go with strangers, don’t you? Get to know them!
  5. Every ride member will have some sort of like forum or news board to update keen participant on coming trip or tour – the date, places to go, person in charge and so on.
  6. Be early on the RV point (In French, Rendezvous – place to meet) before the specific time
  7. Once everyone is there, listen to any briefing given by the leader. Some reminder or some checklist is given. Of course, based on the weather condition whether it is permissible for the ride or not, it should be fine then.
  8. So a ride begins until a stop made by any member. No one will be left behind even during any emergency, so please stay in a group.

Simple kan?

My previous ride with team myksr

Fraser Hill

Sometimes accidents do happen... please have safe ride...

Other rides in Kuala Selangor areas

Due to time and financial constraint, and also some commitment of the house which need my full attention, riding to many places especially to those countries (combining the new interest 0f travelling) may not be ideal cause careful planning is needed, right? I still have plenty of time getting things around, so I hope someday I will able to make it with many future trip. At the mo, I will be starting to explore South East Asia roads (with coming Saigon- Ben Tre - Can Tho) and see how it goes....

Nothing can describe when you hit the road and make contact with strangers, especially stopping at the gas station, observing people far away from touristy spot. Definitely It will be different from travelling by the coach bus or train or even taking the flight. I think when we travel on our own on some strange land with different way of living and culture, that is pretty a learning experience. Perhaps, the Ultimate Life Achievement ?:P

Hopefully all my future ride trips will come into a reality.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Aku berdebar...

Beberapa hari lagi ni...

Study map, study mana ada petrol station, kedai motor... baca review...semualah...

Mana taknya, insyallah aku akan memulakan satu ride motor secara solo di satu negara jiran.

Tentu-tentu macam senang, tapi kita tak boleh "underestimate" cabaran di sana nanti.

Cabaran tayar pancit, enjin buat hal, eksiden, cuaca tidak menentu, tapi bila lagi kan?

Kali pertama akan guna lesen memandu antarabangsa. Bulan April nanti pun akan repeat di negara lain pulak...

If I can do this, I can do to other countries. Barulah ini dikatakan cabaran!

Ya Allah, berilah kekuatan kepada hambamu yang serba daif ini....

Friday, November 11, 2011

First Snorkelling Moment : Redang Island (2006)

First Day, 14th July 2006
The great afternoon arrival
What can I say more? Sand, sea and breeze make a good place to fantasize. The trip came in the middle of chaos, which could make a great temporary escape and it was true.

Me and Alin, on the bus to jetty transfer.

We boarded on the 7.30 flight from KLIA to Kuala Terengganu. jetty transfer took around 45 minutes. As soon as we landed, light turquoise colour water and sandy beach was the most rewarding sight!

As the sea level goes down deeper, coral and numerous species of fish swimming in groups was a breathtaking view. It was like being a tiny human being in your normal aquarium, only my size bigger was than the rest of the entire living species.


Unfortunately, we were supposed to have this excursion to thebeach for the Blue Sand sightseeing when the rain poured heavily. The tiny coral segments emitting striking blue light thingy during night time was something not to be missed but the weather did not allow us. My friends and I ended up playing card in hostel room.Second Day (15th July 2006)

Taman Laut Pulau Redang

Encounter with more coral species and colourful fish. The fee park was RM5 per person. Standard rate.


I went for banana boat riding with my colleagues. Z even persuaded me to go back feeding the fish somewhere near our resort, which I could not resist, so we spent the rest of evening in the sea again. I drank too much sea water.



Since it was post-World Cup, we found ourselves dancing samba . Befriending with the local was a bonus point. Had great time knowing these people and exploring every aspect of their job which I had 15 minutes being the captain of the boat.

Third Day (16th July 2006)

It was the day for us to go home after some island hopping .

The last hours spent at Kuala Terengganu for shopping spree time where we stopped at Losong and Pasar Payang before departed back to KL. Redang is truly a gem!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tawau-Kunak-Semporna (Part II)

This is after the first post.

The second day in Tawau was far more interesting. We went to Semporna for some sightseeing, another 90 km drive from the hotel room, and surprisingly, I found Semporna is a charming place!

Pasar Tamu Semporna

I never been in Pasar Tamu before even in KK, so the chance to stop and look at what they sell in Semporna served my curiousity with a total satisfaction... Little did we know that this market was newly established in the business area. Wonder how it was before, but we understand why the market was in a such small scale in the first place… Rupanya Pasar Tamu ni macam pasar pagi kat rumah aku di Dengkil! ahahahhahaha.

Pasar Semporna

Nevertheless, we continue to venture to the market of Semporna for dried sea food.... What an adventure going through all the market section. From clothing, house items to wet market, it is like being in Marakesh, Asian version? I recommend you to come and venture. More to Rantau Panjang place but a little bit dust and litter….

Only when it comes to wet section, I feel like a million-worth tourist sesat, all the small children flocked us for some menial job on carrying our shopping bag! Heavenly! Some of the “potters” offered to carry them to our car…sedih juga, kerana buruh kanak-kanak ni gigih mencari uang di kala kanak-kanak lain masih di alam mereka…if I brought Dotter, dia mesti insaf punya!

Bukit Tengkorak
So after market, after the seafood lunch in one of the famous restaurant (a little bit pricier), we went sightseeing around the village and Taman Arkeologi Bukit Tengkorak. Drop Azah in the airport and went to the Hotel for some sleep. Drop the car to the owner for another takeoff…

My flight delayed again huhu!

So, what you are going to do in Tawau if island hopping is not your cup of tea?

Rent a car and start venturing out from Tawau town. I recommend you to visit the Ladang Koko and if you have ample time, please spend more time in Bukit Tengkorak and Kampung Air, just to get the sea people vibe! Superb!

Short Detour to Previous Travel - Perth, Aussie 2011

Have to scrape a bit of my low running brain since my ex collegian mate, Zura would like to get some ideas on her coming trip...

1st Day
1. Arrival, Custom procedure etc
2. Get a rented car from the airport then drive straight (approximately 80km from Perth Airport) we took Great Northern Highway.
3. Country Sightseeing - Places covered: Chittering, Ellensbrook, Bindoon.
4. Proceed to Old Monastery living in New Norcia for tour + museum (10 am - 2 pm)
5. Lunch in Gas Station in Walebing.
6. Proceed to Dessert Wonder in Pinnacle Desert, Cervantes 180 km from New Norcia using The Midlands Road then Northwest Road. Places covered : Moora, Baggingarra National Park, Nambung, Cervantes).
7. Overnight in Toodyay, 255 km drive from Cervantes
8. Rest and sleep!

2nd Day

1. Visit Toodyay Town - Coca Cola Museum, Old Floor Mill, Jail House
2. Visit Northam – wheat farm, sheep herd, abandoned settlement
3. Check in hotel in York
4. Sightseeing and country drive to Beverley, Brookton, Pinggely, Narrogin
5. Go back for Dinner in a tavern at York
6. Rest and sleep

3rd Day

1. Check out Hotel.
2. Drive to Mandurah for Coastal Drive
3. Coastal Drive from Mandurah to Rockingham
4. Stop at Safety Bay in Rockingham. Experience the beach and test some water
5. Proceed to Freemantle.
6. Stop for lunch
1. Marina sightseeing, Freemantle Town Tour
2. Souvenir shopping
3. Proceed to Perth City for check in
4. Rest and Sleep

4th Day
1. Perth Zoo in South Perth OR Another alternative is to visit Caversham for Animal Petting Areas, Chocolate Factory in Margaret River
2. Lunch
3. Harbour Town for shopping complex tour. Got time you can visit King's Park. we didnt.
4. Go back to Hotel and rest
5. Dinner and Night Sight Seeing
6. Rest, packing and Sleep

5th Day
1. Check out Hotel in wee morning and leave rental car
2. Proceed to Airport for departure
3. Saying goodbye to Perth!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Almost Forgotten Air Plane Ticket

Oh my, I guess I am getting older now, hik hik...

I just remembered that one ticket purchased two months ago, to Tawau, return for RM55 including tax and fuel surcharge for September 2012. Hmm still giving it some consideration, if I have to burn it, then it is still OK. If NZ tour is set to be earlier, August or July, then something good for me lar, a mini short getaway! Another scuba trip perhaps? Lama sudah dive logku berhabuk!


the last shot of my underwater camera, before masuk air! Huhu

Me, descending to 20 metre deep, with instructor.......

Pivot Technique...sudah lupa dahhh...setahun sudah. My Open Water Test in KK last year.. .Saya sudah bah , anda bila lagi? :)

Ok, lets go back to the main topic, which is to find the best scuba operator in Mabul/Sipadan. There are many websites for reference but of course when it comes to moolah, yang berpatutan kot menjadi pilihan, selain faktor keselamatan dan kebersihan. Here are some recommended spot by friends for thought:-


Aku dah lama usha pakej dia ni sebelum amik lesen lagi... tapi tader plak member yang pernah amik dengan diorang ni... agak agak ok tak?


Member aku ada recommend try dia ni, tapi diorang pegi snorkel jer la so far... agak-agak?


Yang ni macam best, tapi so far taderla reference dari mana-mana kawan aku lagi... might be sending them some emel.....

Bukan apa, aku tak rasa dapat pegi dengan scuba operator lama. Memang diakui depa best, first rate lagi and sangat profesional, cuma bila aku tengok harga ke mabul/sipadan yang ditawarkan agak tergezut lar kan, hampir RM3K...menyamai bajetku nak pegi Australasia pulok....mana tak nya si pelakon Hollywood, Emma Thompson tu buat open water dengan depa lagi.. haruslah kelas kan? Kalau si Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, lagi lar kan? Mahu dekat RM4K jer??? So mana-mana dive operator yang bertuah untuk duit ku ditabur lagi tu (bajet RM1.2K-1.4K) tu, doakanlah hati ku terbuka menerima pakej 5 hari 4 malam ni.....yerlah nak melancong negeri sendiri pun kenkadang lagi mahal dari cheap escape ke negara jiran.... Bagi yang baru nak berkecimpung dengan dunia scuba, kuucap selamat maju jaya, it is doable! kalau kak min yang overweight boleh, korang yang slim dan fit lagi la kan? Cuma kalau nak buat stail bidang terjun terus amik, better to have swimming practise...di pulau tiada confine pool water, lagi laut Sabah yang terkenal dengan choppy waternya...... All the best!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Aroma Ikan Bakar @ Jeram, Kuala Selangor

Many often, when it comes to seafood,KLites flock to Klang area or somewhere else nearer. However, Kuala Selangor too, have quite a number of delicious and cheap sea food joints, scattered along the coastline. So when some friends invited me to try Aroma Ikan Bakar somewhere in Jeram, Kuala Selangor, i thought there must be some good things about this place :).
The signboard

Getting to the place for first timers may actually a bit daunting if you are not familiar with Kuala Selangor. From LATAR highway exit, just proceed to Kuala Selangor town direction, 15 km from there and when it comes to a junction, take left towards Klang. Only when you pass a Petronas station on the left and some kilometers ahead, a junction with right turning brings you to the place. Voila! Just remember there is a Shell gas stop in front of the junction (to your left).

The front view of the restaurant, not really impressive enough....

We have calamari, chili crab, ikan tiga rasa and many more... so full!

Taking pics with friends who joined this trip... nice ambience....perfect for dinner....

Many more shots....come earlier around 6 p.m to book these cute hut...

The raw food selection with price tag

Overall, it was quite a good meal with unexpected RM80++ overall for three people. Just remember to give them a call for reservation, especiallyduring weekend...otherwise you have to wait other people to finish their meals.

Plus point(s) : cosy, warm and livelier

Minus : Quite far from KL, so an overnight stay might be helpful.

Other places of interest around the area : Fireflies watching

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sky Craper Inspired!~

Seeing some friend's album today, particular Hong Kong, i was inspired with tall buildings, sky crapers and structures...all the wonder of civil design and technology, the engineering feat by human to overcome the challenges. Somehow, I just got myself awe with all these stuff.

View from Floor 33, my office in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur overlooking the river and next neighbourhood.......

In one of the short haul flight last time, i was talking to this Taiwanese girl on her way for some sundry shop work in Broome, Australia. Knowing Taiwan is my future destination, I asked some questions.
"Have you actually been in Taipei 101 ?" ---> I was expecting some interesting bits...

"Dunno, i guess i walk past the building everyday, so I have no intention being into the place, even at once" .

The blank look of this girl explained all!

Perhaps not everyone has the opportunity to watch episodes of Mega Structures by Discovery Channel :)

Future Buildings/Structure Worth to Have a View :-
1. N-Tower, Seoul, South Korea

2. Building 63, Seoul, South Korea

3. Taipei 101, Taiwan

4. World Trade Centre, Hong Kong

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sleepless in Saigon?

Resource :google

Kinda last minute booking but what the heck, i really need some affordable holiday.... The initial plan was to visit Bangkok with some bikers friends but the flood did not help us to go there at the moment. With cheaper air fare (RM104 one way excluding tax), Saigon is the best option I think for relaxation. Nothing major. Some coffee, some book perhaps and some walk. Just 6 days being in somewhere else.

Future Trip in Mind (In Planning):-Da Nang - Hue City - Hanoi - Halong Bay (estimated 14 days backpacking), suggested by our dearest friend, Tran ANh Tuan.