Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Delhi-Agra-Jaipur - Final Part (Taj Mahal)

Going to India without visiting the Taj Mahal is like missing the big important agenda. When you are going for a trip or having a stopover, always make the opportunities - like what you do with Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur for Malaysia, or Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia or just a quick glimpse of Mount Fuji in Japan. "Been There, Done That" should be the motto, whether you travel as a normal tourist or just for business purpose. 

True to most people, even until today, photos taken with new friends or alliances at these iconic buildings would bring many warm memories throughout a lifetime. We are connected throughout these pictures in our own closed social network groups. Every picture has its own story and everytime the stories resurface when the members meet online, someone from the group would come up with a newer, funnier and sort of unbelievable version (newer sub-plot to add to the main story)

In my own account, the Taj Mahal trip was always associated with "Samosa". I did not know how it came about, with a few members kept associating it with my Taj Mahal pictures. I kept asking everyone and nobody would tell why. Only recently when a Delhi coursemate, Mr.Baharom, an Uzbek came visiting me in Kuala Lumpur for his three week course here, we had a long chat. Ah, memories were rekindled with a real face to face mini reunion, not online mode anymore. Funny when we had our coffees during the meeting, these Samosas was the choice for an afternoon snack. Since I earned my brownies to get him here, the story resurfaced again and he felt oblige to tell me the story -  The Samosa Saga. What a simple twist of a funny incident which I wasn't aware at all. Itu jer ke..ingat kan apa. ahahahhahahaha...

A mini reunion with Bahrom in KLCC after one year from the TERI retreat, Delhi. We must be lucky people!

Ok, enough of my bebels. So as promised, before i embark another great adventure somewhere outside Malaysia (chewah), I would finish my previous encounter. And this is the final post. The reason why I was in India because the iconic building is one of my bucket list, in which also my "berangan" future Lego buildings if I have enough money to buy the Lego Kit.Talking about visiting the place first and rebuild by your own imagination later!

The Taj Mahal, situated in the state of Agra, would take about 2-3 hour journey if you are travelling from Delhi and using the Highway. I can say this trip was smooth since the connectivity was superb right from the highway until we stepped out from the bus, at the entrance of Taj Mahal. 

The name of a highway R&R stop. Like the font and cool name. So Broadway!
Early and empty highway. However the speed limit is kept at 80km/hour and many speed cameras installed along this highway. Takder nak lelaju macam highway Malaysia OK!
One of the R&R stops. There are about 2-3 stops you can find along the way, err I think. Word of advice - number of toilet cubicles may not be as many as you think to cater the population. Beratur  itu mesti!

View you can see during the journey. Plantations, field and many open areas.
Finally we are out from the the highway. Yeay.
The view from a bridge. Notice the bridge is enclosed with a steel fence. U go figure! At the river bank, you can see thriving laundry activities using Yamuna River as the source of water.
The road towards Taj Mahal. Next is Yamuna River.
A first glimpse of the city. Still early in the morning or we just plain lucky?
Green Agra, Clean Agra. I like! We should have motto like this for cities in Malaysia.
Once we have arrived, the information of the Taj Mahal, the fees and rules etc is clearly written for visitors.Details are in the image.No explanation needed :)
While waiting for the tickets to be issued, we came into this area. It reminds me to some sort of a local hospital. Well maintained and offering some cool atmosphere from the outside's dust, smoke and the scorching heat during summer. You can have a seat.
My lovely friends waiting for the tickets to be purchased. They are very nice people to be with during the trip and the rest of the course!
Outside of the complex, camel ride for those who want to experience some exotic transportation. The camel looks even regal! Unta Diraja katanya!
From the waiting area, we have to wait our turn to board on the buggies. Yes, like the tagline "Green Agra, Clean Agra", all mobiles transporting people from the waiting complex to the first check point are electrically powered. No gasoline or whatsoever. We are lucky since not too many people were at this point, yet.
My friends after the first check point. Please do not bring any food inside. Otherwise it will be thrown into the disposal bins.Bottled water, however is allowed.
The spacious area surrounding the Taj Mahal.We had not reach the actual entrance yet!
The Taj Mahal has 4 main entrance in which, back in those days, there would be one specific door for the King and the Queen. 
A closer look at the top of the entrance wall.
There is no word to describe how I felt when I saw theTaj Mahal for the first time in my life. It was the most perfect symmetrical structure built in that era which as one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal truly lives to its name. A truly "Mahal" experience.
Closer look at the white marble walls. I wonder how these people maintain its pristine condition. Kalau gigi susah nak putih walau gosok hari hari, apatah lagi bangunan macam ini. 
More closer look at the dome section. Notice the flowery design on the wall which our guide explained the technique.

Ms.Suad, Edinia, Pedro and Reem at the side of the Taj Mahal. 
To preserve the marble floor from stain and dirt, visitors may have to wrap their shoes in shoes cover (provided) or just walk barefoot.

There was a story behind this shot. Sayed, our Afghani friend had googled some suggested pose by the past visitors to make this shot perfect and memorable, prior to this Agra trip. He made a special request for me to shoot exactly what he wanted!

The more distant shot. Awesome.

Nothing is great when you have someone whose native language is Arabic, translating the Quran verses engraved on the Taj Mahal wall. It is like having a living poet reciting the beauty of a place and you get so into it. Alhamdulillah, friends and dreams come together and it was marvellous.
In the mosque. It was said that this mosque was used by the Sultan to perform prayers.  If you notice, the prayer mats motif on the floor speaks how the mosque was built for sustainability and practicality. Something i could not find elsewhere!
The mosque dome with red painted wall, a stark contrast to the white mausoleum. Somehow it reminds me to the one mosque in Putrajaya.
On our way out to the exit.
Emen, the Tunisian girl.

Outside of the complex, there are souvenirs shops where you can still bargain for the price of these items. Professional cameramen were also available for those who need a pro touch of their photos. They are really efficient photographers!
Besides the Taj Mahal, there are lots of attractions in Agra which not to be missed. Unfortunately due to short of time, we managed to visit one spot and some local marble manufacturers.
The exuberant vibe of people surrounding the Taj Mahal. We truly enjoyed the moment!
Favourite photos of my friends having good time.
Finally, the group picture. A lasting memory for visiting one of the wonders of the world. Till then!


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