Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To JayBee With Love

I was in JB for work purpose, though the perairan so near, i could just cross the border. JPO was nowhere in sight (it was days before payday). Lagilar Legoland yang belum dibuka itu kan? huhu.

Stayed in Amansari Residence Resort in Pasir Gudang. The room rate was affordable to the civil servant (RM162.20 per night with buffet breakfast). Normal published rate is RM300++ for a Deluxe Room. Even foreigners departing via Changi Airport would make this place to stay before boarding. You can tell the numbers of Caucasians coming in and out with flight stickers on their bags (KLM, Cathay, etc-etc)and the strange accent among themselves. The Singapore- Malaysia conversion rate may help to justify kot.

So much for the room. We could just book any comfy hotels when the rate is cheaper. For leisure traveling, I would rather stick to backpackers hostel to save money! Now you guys can understand why I dont mind travel cheap......(the buffet spread is typical kinda!)

The Food
This is fantastic. Due to our upcoming event, we need to book some caterers for food... arghh, the bliss of choosing. This is my first time to have Johorean people and based on the menu offered, I have no idea how Kacang Phol looks like. With last minute choosing and some altering menus, we finally made the right choice!

The famous kacang phol. Awesome! Sedap dimakan dengan garlic bread......

Laksa Johor! The gravy is thick...terbaek!

The kuih muih that go with main dish....

Overall it was a pleasant time in JB... orang johor agak respon slow dalam bab kerja (pasang khemah kanopi, etc) tapi makanan mereka sangat sedap OK~ Larik!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Darn! Many months to come :)

Quite sometimes not to up date.

Too busy with kerja hakiki, but the friends pic in their holiday albums inspire me for coming trips.

uish lama sangat dah lepak kat rumah!

many animals for fatiha later.....

The Bridge Climb for Me! Fulfilling the dream....

Some idllyic escape to nature

And some attractions which may later be explored...arghhh lamanya nak tunggu :)