Thursday, December 24, 2015

Delhi-Agra-Jaipur - Part III (India Gate & Dilli Hart)

This is a continuation after the second part.

Something interesting you can see on the road. A vintage taxi~!
After having lunch, we proceed to the next attraction, India Gate - the most prominent landmark and an icon to India.

Since we were running out of time, it was impossible to stop the bus and see it closely. Photography skills may come handy to adjust the shutter speed while the bus was moving. I tried my best to take a good still image, however it didn't turn to be well as expected.The hazy condition didn't help to make my photos look good. My very unlucky attempt. Perhaps next time, insyallah. 

Tips: just have one day to go here for day and night scenes.

Zooming the lense for a clearer image.
Zooming it closer.  
The government buildings around the landmark. I think of the scenes in Fanaa, the movie must be made here, where Aamir Khan waited for Kajol to practise her dance routine. From the look of the gate lol.

The Parliament of India.
Locals resting on the green grass. Blissful.
So it was a brief visit, then we proceed to the final site, Dillihart Market

Dillihart is known to be a center of handicraft coming from every Indian region. The idea was, not everyone would have the opportunities to visit all states therefore Dillihart is more likely to be a one-stop centre. All sort of items including food stuff are sold here.

The entrance of Dillihart. After you purchase the ticket.
The atmosphere gave the visitors some carnival like, where people mostly tourist came to do shopping in an open space. It is well planned and clean, kinda touristy but we love it. Some of my friends claimed that the items perhaps a little bit expensive, but frankly I would recommend bargaining for a better deal. As for the traders, after having a long day would definitely be helpful to close more deals. My Tunisian friends came out with many bags. I guess they are very skillful when it comes to bargaining. Good negotiators.

Entrance fees are imposed for visitors, which to sustain the condition of the site. Also it comes with some stall and avenue for food and the drink.Truly a relaxing place.

more shops as you go futher inside.
Another design of Kolam, since it was approaching Deewali festival.

Cute and colourful decoration. Not so sure which region it belongs to.
Fake lotus flowers. Nice and practical to decorate your mini pond as well.
Good quality textile and it is export ready. Items to look for definitely are the sari cloth, the cotton, Jaipuri bedspread or quilt, cushion covers, table runner or table cloth.

Guess what I bought from the market? Something for the office people. Hope they like it.

Quite a bargain when these bought for 100Rs each. A nice metal box to keep small items. 
So it had been a long day. More sites and places for us to visit later.

Till then.

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