Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Delhi-Jaipur-Agra - Part 1 (Welcome to Delhi)


Life has been a blessing, in disguise which the offer came from High Commission of India to have 3 weeks course in the country would be definitely a life saver.

whatever it means. Kinda bored with the job so i opted to go for this one. pretty burnt out with the office stuff.

So, as usual to proceed entering a country with visa, you have to fill in the visa application form. Later the embassy will issue a flying return ticket, with some instruction - come back to your country immediately after the course end. No wandering. No extra day staying to go anywhere. Initially I planned to proceed for Kashmir-Jammu, but the time constraint travelling with extra penalty charge for changing the flight date may not be sensible. Yes, I was right after a few incident happened. Something back at home deterred me to do that kind of travelling.

However, I am pretty happy to say within 3 weeks studying and going for some field trip, I managed to squeeze time for Jaipur. I would not regret to spend every cent on it. Believe me.


What i can say about this metropolis?

It is full of people, very service oriented, labor comes cheap, you have the money, there you go. What i mean is, language barrier comes second, service given and received would come first then you pay. As simple as that.

Upon arriving, I had feeling that I may be left unattended by the so called assigned taxi driver by the institution I was about to enroll to send me to my hostel in Gwal Pahari.

I took a cab, after due consideration of not spending the whole night in the airport. Lucky before I boarded the flight, some googling thingy in Malaysia for just in case scenarios did happen.

The most important thing is, if nobody to pick you at the airport in the wee hour in Delhi and metro train service was not operating those hours, just grab a cab. Not simply any cab you find outside the airport.

Try MERU cab. It is convenient, you can go out and ask the attendant to assign a cab driver for you, but it is kinda pretty expensive, but you would not give so much thought for your safety precaution, especially for a lady travelling alone.

The first impression after you get yourselves into the cab, is how efficient the driver to find your place even it is his first time exploring the destination you want to go. He would be able to call the person you may give number to contact, lucky i managed to jot down on a piece of paper that number and it saved me a lot of inconvenience.

That was the first moment I had in Delhi. The rest can be described through my pictures. Enjoy them till you can.

My hostel, TERI Retreat Gurgaoun, Delhi.
People going for work, outside my retreat gate

The room that they gave me for the entire stay. Beautiful and comfortable

some brochures. read it.

beautiful and well kept surrounding.

smart building concept. I loike~!

view from my balcony

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