Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Safari in Sauraha (Nepal 2012 Trip)

I am inspired to continue my entry for Nepal this time, after watching a late night Bollywood film with hub last night, Kathmandu came suddenly into the scene. How memorable it was until Hub even mentioned his desire to visit the country! sebab dia plak terlebih excited. LOL

One of our must-visit places during that 2012 trip was Chitwan National Park, located in the southern region of  Nepal, 30 km from India-Nepal border. I wished that we too had Indian visa to border cross but of course it was not doable due to the time limit.

The Road leading to Chitwan National Park. Every countries visited, the signage of passing animals must be a taken for a shot, for remembrance. LOL
My driver took us into this village area of Sauraha. As we descended from the highland to the flatland, things were getting pretty exciting when we see paddy field, cows or buffalos and some farming activities. It reminds us a lot to our kampung too, like Kedah and other northern region. The journey from Pokhara to Chitwan National Park took almost the entire day with some stop to have nature calls and lunch.

I can say Sauraha was the best thing happened during the entire trip. We met cool people who were not reluctant to be open and fun with the visitors, in many good ways. My tour guide brought us to this place for stay - Hotel Rainforest. 


The friendship established between the visitors and the staff are amazing, still a facebook buddy to my guide, Mr. Arpan Guni and Mr. Buddha too, the chief among them all. Somehow it reminds me to my Outward Bound School (OBS) Experience in Lumut Perak. Very Cool!

You can google to find review of this place. 

People of Sauraha.
Well, I am not going to dwelve on the details. You can google the hotel mentioned since they come with activities for you to choose and do during the entire stay. Basically two or three days will be packed with activities, another point to come and again reminds me to that OBS experience, in more relaxed ways. What we have in Sauraha were :

1. Jungle trekking Activity
2. Visit to Chitwan National Park - elephant riding, Rhino watching, river cruising
3.  Local Tharu Dance Show (at night)
4. Sunset watching in Chitwan's River
5. BBQ (final night before departure)
6. Free n easy roaming in the town

Snake Skin found during jungle trekking activity

Chitwan National Park is a protected region of wild life so you will not see any people hunting the animals or to take any thing out of the forest except for the locals who are granted with special permission to gather herbs or wood material for their industrial usage. In the event of villagers being attacked by the wild life, there will be a special fund that pays the local some money. Dead crocodile carcasses or dead crocodile skin are not allowed to be taken out from this area too, so will see a number of them in this park without any harm.
Elephant Bathing Time. A must try!

I will leave readers with photos and no more explanation. Just to leave some surprise and room for imagination, especially for anyone who have intention to visit this place.
Some active crocodiles found during river cruise. Cool, they will not bite.
Elephants in the sanctuary visit. A bench mark to future Kuala Gandah's trip?
A rhino caught sleeping in the park. 

Couple of Chitwan, resting near Chitwan National Park.

Local girls met during our sunset watching in the river.
Kids of Chitwan.
The only thing I would like to see is the improvement of the road but of course it takes some years to develop. Who knows someday I may come and visit again this place. Insya Allah. 

River Cruising. A must do to!

This entry marks the final episode of my Nepal 2012 trip. I believe at this point of time many Malaysians has set their foot on the sacred land of Nepal due to cheap air ticket available and promotions done at MATTA fair. Perhaps people who have visited come with more stories of hiking activities which I did not manage to do it in the first place.

I would say Nepal is a must visit for those avid travellers. You will experience a total different culture, sight and people whom you may continue to have friendship with them for many many years because they are such cool people. The simplicity of life in Nepal is too another point for you.

The end......

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